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Press Articles

Here are just some of the press articles on Transformational Sailing that have been written on how we are helping Veterans by “Get on Board with Sailing”

New Ways to Treat PTSD

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatment has been a controversial topic among mental healthcare practitioners. Too many theories and not enough hands-on research, if you ask me. Now, in a new study, researchers have determined that an “integrated approach” is best for individuals experiencing PTSD. The integrated approach, according to Katherine L. Mills, Ph.D., of the University…

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Official Launch

For Immediate Release Bay Area Veterans Get On-board With Sailing Healing Benefits and Free Sailing Excursions Bring Vets To The Water Sausalito (2012) – Aboard the Amakua there is camaraderie where once there was stress. Veterans of many conflicts are finding peace and tranquility on the healing waters of the San Francisco Bay. On all…

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