For this year’s sailing season we are sailing with a new sailboat, “A Miracle” which is a Pilothouse 35 Cooper 353 based at Travis Marina, Ft Baker, Sausalito, CA.

Fundraising Charters

One exciting new effort for Transformational Sailing this year is the rollout of our new Fundraising Charter program where we offer a fun, two-to-four hour chartered sailing adventure aboard our new sailboat “A Miracle” for up to six guests.

What better way could there be to support Transformational Sailing than by enjoying a great day of sailing in the San Francisco Bay? Come join us for some sailing fun and adventure — and support a fantastic cause, too!

If you would like more information on our Chartered Fundraiser program or if you’d like to schedule a charter, please contact us.

Proposed CalFire / First Responder Sailing Program

Transformational Sailing is working on a proposal to present to CalFire and other local fire agencies to offer a stress management and PTSD intervention program through sailing following our prior successful work with Veterans suffering from PTSD.

We are actively seeking volunteers and donors to contribute to this program. Please contact Program Director Tim Blair directly by phone at (415) 713-6876 or by email with any questions.

Watch our Media section for updates and information to come.

2019 Fundraising

A new gofundme campaign has been setup for Transformational Sailing and you are encouraged to contribute directly and help us promote our new donation campaign on Social Media!

Visit our gofundme Campaign:

Donation Matching

A generous donor has pledged up to $5,000.00 in matching donations until August 15th, 2019!

So if you’ve been waiting for the right time to chip in for the fantastic cause that we serve at Transformation Sailing, now is the time!

Donate now until August 15th and your donation will be matched up to a total of $5,000.00! All funds received in this donation match offer are earmarked for boat upgrades, maintenance, dock fees and insurance costs.

And please contact us if you would like to pledge to match donations, too!

Give via PayPal

We can also accept your fully tax-deductible donations right here on our website via PayPal to help us continue our work through our sponsor organization Marin Boating Council, a 501c3 tax-exempt organization.

Click here to Donate via PayPal!

Veteran Sailing on San Francisco Bay with Transformational Sailing

It was another spectacular day for me

“It was another spectacular day for me going sailing with you. I can’t thank you enough. I didn’t have a clue how much of ‘me’ had slipped away into some cold stoic place. If one forgets who they are (which I did) they can forget their worth as a human being. I don’t think I could have found better therapy, or recovery team than what you have given me. I truly believe that you have taken on a project that will very quickly gain a life of it’s own… one with remarkable restoring healing properties. I look forward to next time.” -R. Geidl, US Navy

Transformational Sailing is proud to have been featured in the Towns Section of the Press Democrat this last Sunday!

“Sea Changes” by Andrea Granahan offers an excellent view of the efforts Transformational Sailing invests into helping veterans, cancer patients and others suffering trauma or PTSD related stresses through the positive experiences that sailing can offer.

Transformational Sailing is a maritime organization serving veterans, first responders and others facing trauma and stress-related challenges through sailing. Providing an opportunity to learn valuable stress-management and life skills designed to build self-confidence, communication, and teamwork skills through learning how to sail. To learn more about the organization please contact Director Tim Blair at (415) 713-6876 or by email at

Veteran Steering the Boat on a Trip with Transformational Sailing

I met new people and enjoyed the instant camaraderie.

“I went sailing with the Transformational Sailing crew this weekend and found it to be both a challenging and rewarding experience. I met new people and enjoyed the instant camaraderie. I’m a veteran and have PTSD and social phobias and this was a good opportunity for me to integrate and become more comfortable around new people. I found it to be very positive and I am grateful toward Tim and the crew for this wonderful way to help us all. Thank you Transformational Sailing!” – D. Slayton, USMC 68-70

Transformational Sailing is active in both Marin & Sonoma Counties. Through organizations like Vet Connect (Santa Rosa Veterans Hall Chapter 78), we provide a meaningful experience at no cost to those who are suffering, either physically or emotionally, or who might benefit from time spent on the water.

Watch our video to get an idea of the services that we provide to veterans who have served our country.

New Ways to Treat PTSD

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatment has been a controversial topic among mental healthcare practitioners. Too many theories and not enough hands-on research, if you ask me.


Press on PTSD

Now, in a new study, researchers have determined that an “integrated approach” is best for individuals experiencing PTSD. The integrated approach, according to Katherine L. Mills, Ph.D., of the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, combines treatment for PTSD and substance dependence, resulted in significantly greater reductions in PTSD symptom severity.

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Official Launch

For Immediate Release

Bay Area Veterans Get On-board With Sailing
Healing Benefits and Free Sailing Excursions Bring Vets To The Water

Marin Headlands View With The Golden Gate

Marin Headlands View

Sausalito (2012) – Aboard the Amakua there is camaraderie where once there was stress. Veterans of many conflicts are finding peace and tranquility on the healing waters of the San Francisco Bay. On all the other boats out there, folks already know about the feeling of freedom on the water, and how being active in nature can help us relax.

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